November 30, 12-1pm (Hybrid)

Location: NCSA, Room 4101 Or via Zoom

Date: Thursday, Nov 30, 2023   12:00 – 1:00 pm  

Contact: Alaine Martaus

A project manager can bring a host of useful skills and focused attention to make your sponsored project run more efficiently and effectively. Join the PDO to learn more about why you should include a project manager in your next proposal and how to make the best use of one. Questions we will consider include:

  • How much funded effort should I include for a project manager?
  • How much will it add to my budget?
  • What kinds of tasks would a project manager handle?
  • How do I find the right project manager for my project? 

Lunch will be provided for those who attend the session in person. Watch this space and your email for more information and a chance to sign up. 

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